Prepaid card payment within AMA Music Festival


AMA Music Festival is the first big italian music event where you can enjoy a cashless system, when it comes to paying from anything – starting from your drinks, food, merch items, anything!
Why a cashless system? Because we believe it is the future and AMA Music Festival loves to lead the path. The cashless system reduce waiting times and lines and minimize risk of theft, robbery and losing your money.

At AMA Music Festival the only payment method accepted is Festipay card..

How to use your card

The Festipay Card offers a fast and simple cash free payment opportunity. Upon payment, simply touch the card reading terminal with the card. It is a secure solution, since you can disable your card, if it is lost and transfer your balance to a new card. All you need to do is to is to register your card in advance.

Top-up money to the card

You will receive your card at one of the card Top Up points operating at the festival venue, which is also where you can add the desired balance to your card. You can also top up your Festipay card with Festipay’s smartphone application.

How to check your balance

The balance available on the card can be checked using the card reading terminal of any retailer by touching the terminal with the card, or at any FestipayTop Up Point. You can also check your Festipay Card balance on Festipay app.

Learn how to use your Festipay Card